• Walter Mann with Dick Boak, VP of C.F. Martin Guitars

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Incredible service, fantastic store and a guitar to die for! 

D. Colton Derbyshire



Dave Mann Music are independently owned and run specialists in high end acoustic guitars. We are also proud to stock a good range of entry level and mid priced instruments, which we prepare to the same standard as our top end guitars. Established over 40 years ago, we have an enviable reputation for providing a truly professional service, extensive product knowledge and a comprehensive selection of the best acoustic instruments in every price bracket.

What makes us extra special?

As a small, dedicated family team, we have excellent relationships with all our suppliers and manufacturers. Walter Mann is personally acquainted with top industry professionals, including C.F. Martin IV, Dick Boak (VP Martin Guitars), Steve McCreary (General Manager, Collings Guitars), Patrick James Eggle, Monte Montefusco, (Director, Taylor Guitars) and George Lowden to name but a few.

This allows us to select the very best examples of each instrument and have first choice of the premium gear. Many of our guitars are custom ordered for us, and specified with a goal in mind, be it tonal, aesthetic or both. We also specialize in ordering bespoke instruments for customers, something in which we have considerable experience. We will take the greatest pleasure in assessing your playing style and advising you on a suitable guitar model, wood combination and options for an instrument to suit you.

Our in house technician Colin Staples has been with us over 40 years, and has worked on every kind of stringed instrument imaginable. Colin is immensely competent in all aspects of guitar repair and set-up, so we can adjust your new guitar to suit you perfectly. We also carry out a large amount of repair work on older and vintage instruments, please contact us for more information.


Meet George Lowden on 30th September, fantastic clinic for George Lowden Guitars, with Virtuoso guitarist Thomas Leeb!

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