At Dave Mann Music we’re proud to be a premium Martin guitar centre. We have over 50 of these guitars in stock at any one time. We also extremely proud to be appointed as a Westside custom centre. This means that we can stock exclusive custom shop guitars made specially for the UK, custom order instruments through Martin's bespoke custom shop service.

Walter Mann has excellent relations with staff at Martin guitars, including Chris Martin IV, Dick Boak, Amani Duncan and Diane Ponzio. We also extremely well acquainted with Westside Distribution who represent Martin guitars in the UK.

Every guitar we have is personally selected by Walter Mann, so as you are guaranteed an excellent example of each instrument. From X series to Authentics, we will be extremely pleased to help you with finding the right Martin guitar for you.

Available Martin

Martin CS 28 12

This guitar is one of a limited run of Martin Custom Shop instruments made for 2012. This guitar incoroporates many features of a which are only available on a Custom Shop guitar, such as Hide Glue construction and a 'Thin Finish' first seen on this guitar. Based on the venerable D28, the CS 28... More »

Martin D28 Deluxe Custom Shop

Martin Guitars' Custom Shop is one of the most revered guitar building workshops on the planet. Using the premium timbers available to Martin Guitars, and built by their most experienced luthiers, a Custom Shop instrument is the best the worlds oldest guitarmaker has to offer. For this example... More »

Martin D35

Born out of a wood shortage in the late 1960's, the Martin D35 is a great dreadnought from Martin Guitars.

Martin D35 MP

Offering a in indulgent upgrade from the already stellar Martin D35, this 'MP" version has a premium Madagascar Rosewood back and sides. Madagascar Rosewood is chosen for its likeness to the unavailable Brazilian, a dense timber with intense grain figure and stunning tonal qualities. At around... More »

Martin HD28

Martin's HD28 is one of the most popular Martin Guitars at Dave Mann Music. Starting with the classic D28, Martin's skilled luthiers 'Scallop' the top braces, a process where select brace material is carved away to leave a highly responsive top. If you play with a lighter touch or prefer lighter... More »

Martin HD28 MP

This Martin HD28 MP represents a new slant on the classic Martin dreadnought. The HD28 MP upgrades the back and sides to Premium Madagascar Rosewood. Madagascar Rosewood is the premium species of Rosewood offered by Martin Guitars, prized for its deep rich voice and crisp tonal clarity. It's... More »

Martin HD28V Non V Custom Shop

The Martin HD 28 V is an excllent, affordable vintage recreation from Martin guitars. This Custom Shop version is tweaked to appeal to the modern player, by the addition of a low profile neck, instead of the 'Modfied V' found on the standard model. This makes the neck feel a little slicker and... More »

Martin HD35

Taking the D35, Martin have added their signature treatment of Scalloped Top bracing and Herringbone binding. The HD35 has 1/4" width, Scalloped braces, which make the HD35 one of the most responsive guitars in the Martin range. This lightweight bracing pattern allows the guitar to really sing,... More »

Martin J12-16 GT

A good quality 12 String is a fantastic part of a serious guitar collection. Adding great richness of tone and a huge, full sound it's an essential recording or accompaniment tool. This guitar has Martin's Jumbo body size, offering a balanced sound, with the projection of Dreadnought. It has all... More »

Martin OM21

Martin have recently updated their classic OM21. This new 2012 spec model has a Black Ebony fingerboard and bridge, which replaces rosewood, scalloped top braces and vintge style open gear tuners. These vintage inspired modifications give the OM21 a great voice, with a clear, powerful tone, with... More »

Martin OM42

The Martin OM42 is a recognised flagship of OM style guitars. Made using the finest woods available to Martin, it's also beautifully hand inlaid with natural Abalone Paua Shell. The OM body shape is a classic, fitted with a comfortable C shape neck and a 1 3/4" width nut it's ideal for... More »


Made in a collaboration between fingerstyle legend John Renbourn and Martin Guitars, this has to be one of the best OM style guitars we've ever seen from Martin. Designed in the Martin Custom Shop, with guidance from John Renbourn and Martin's VP Dick Boak, it couldn't have a more noble... More »

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