Think sexy…think ukulele December 12 2014

IF YOU’RE an acoustic musician and you’re on Santa’s nice list then you’ll probably be getting a ukulele for Christmas this year (2014).

Ukuleles have never been so popular. They have managed to shake off their George Formby connections and have been reinvigorated as super cool by the world’s sophisticated, acoustic, celebrity musicians.

We’ve seen sales of this previously unsexy instrument rocket this year and we’re selling more and more ukulele strings too, so people are buying them and playing them. They are not just being purchased and sitting idle in a corner.

The old-fashioned style of ukulele tune, made famous by George Formby, although he often played a banjolele too, is out, and in are versions of pop songs.

Cool ukulele covers on the Internet include ‘Paparazzi’ (Lady Gaga) and The Be Arthurs version of ‘Toxic’ (Britney Spears).

The instrument has even been used by rappers. Celebrity players include, Talking Heads and Flo Rida to name but a few.

Our sales of ukuleles have gone up by 30% this year in comparison to 2013. This previously untrendy, under-estimated acoustic instrument is seeing a bit of a revival and we’re getting orders from all over the country.

The Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain has definitely done a lot to help boost the instrument’s appeal but we feel it’s the more contemporary artists that are really driving these sales.

People love them because they are versatile, have a great sound that’s completely different from an acoustic guitar, they are easy to handle and transport and they are pretty under-rated and unique. People love their dulcet luau tones and also how they can be used to create a rousing jam session.

At this time of year we get lots of orders for ukuleles as Christmas gifts and some happy musicians will definitely be seeing one of our instruments poking out of their festive stockings at the end of their beds on Christmas morning.