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Incredible service, fantastic store and a guitar to die for! 

D. Colton Derbyshire



Dave Mann Music hold an enviable reptuation as the leading High End Acoustic Guitar dealer in the UK. We have over 40 years experience in dealing in acoustic instruments and have the selection, knowledge and service to offer our customers the best possible experience when choosing their next guitar.

Dave Mann Music hold excellent relations with all our suppliers and manufacturers, with Walter Mann being personally aquainted with top industry professionals, such as C.F. Martin IV, Dick Boak, VP Martin Guitars, Amani Duncan, Director Martin Guitars, Steve McCreary, General Manager, Collings Guitars, Monte Montefusco, Director Taylor Guitars and George Lowden to name but a few. This means we're always offered first choice of rare, unique and limited edition instruments and are in an excellent position to do bespoke orders with customers.

At Dave Mann Music we take great care in the selction and presentation of our guitars, to ensure you get the best example of every model, set up to perfection before it's allowed out for sale. Our studios are maintained at optimum temperature and humidity to store these guitars, which is maintained 24 hours. You owe it to yourself to visit us…

Professional repairs

We have one of the most sought after musical instument technicians in the country repairing musical instuments... »