Collings OM2H German Spruce
 £Sold, Another on Order

We wanted to create a special fingerstyle guitar from Collings. Their OM2H was the superb starting point, we've added a select German Spruce top to this example. German Spruce is prized for its tensile strength and light weight, this gives the guitar a superb sparkling high end response. It's very clear, with an abundance of harmonic overtones, making it ideal for fingerpicking. It also has Adironadack Spruce braces, to give some power and body to the tone, it's a suprisingly loud guitar, yet still nuanced. Natually, it's built with Collings' flawless attention to detail and quality. 

Customer feedback...

Incredible service, fantastic store and a guitar to die for! 

D. Colton Derbyshire