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Incredible service, fantastic store and a guitar to die for! 

D. Colton Derbyshire

Lowden F25C Indian Rosewood/Red Cedar

The Lowden F25C is a superb all round guitar. It represents excellent value for money for a Lowden guitar, and has a beautiful rich tone. This is due to a select Red Cedar top being matched to a beautifully dark  Indian Rosewood back and side set. Rosewood and Cedar both offer deep and rich tonal qualities, making a superb guitar for home recording and general studio use. The Lowden 'F' body style offers a comfortable playing position, with great projection and clarity. For a little easier access, we've ordered this one with a cutaway, to reach the sweet notes on the higher frets! Combined with a Hiscox ProFlite II case, it's a great swiss army knife of a guitar. 


Meet George Lowden on 30th September, fantastic clinic for George Lowden Guitars, with Virtuoso guitarist Thomas Leeb!