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Lowden Pierre Bensusan Signature

Built to meet the requirements of fingerstyle guru Pierre Bensusan, this is another fine guitar from Geoge Lowden Guitars. Using a combination of premium, exotic timbers, Honduran Rosewood and Adirondack Spruce. Honduran Rosewood has been carefully selected by George Lowden for it's likeness to Brazilian rosewood, it is very similar in density and stiffness, lending it a similar sonic character. Adirondack Spruce is the premium species of Spruce available, with stiff grain structure it lends power and clarity to the tone. Highly prized, it's only used on instruments of this level. The neck is a custom creation too, a little wider in the higher regions, and carved from highly figured 'rock' maple. Finally, it's lower bout is embellished with an 'Armrest' in sumptuous Black Ebony, a fitting endulgance to a stunnning guitar.


Meet George Lowden on 30th September, fantastic clinic for George Lowden Guitars, with Virtuoso guitarist Thomas Leeb!