Martin CS 28 12

This guitar is one of a limited run of Martin Custom Shop instruments made for 2012. This guitar incoroporates many features of a which are only available on a Custom Shop guitar, such as Hide Glue construction and a 'Thin Finish' first seen on this guitar. Based on the venerable D28, the CS 28 12 has Golden Era style construction. It has an Adirondack Spruce top and braces, which forward shifted and scalloped in 'Golden Era Style', this means they're exactly the same pattern as a pre war D28. Adirondack is the premium species of Spruce used by Martin, the same as used on 1930's guitars. The back and sides are made of rare Mexcian Cocobolo, which is perfectly quatersawn with beautifully straight grain. Rich in colour and tone, it's an exemplary timber. Cocobolo is from the Rosewood family, this more exotic variant has more clarity and sparkle, whilst retaining huge low end warmth.  

Hide Glue Construction is a Custom Shop only feature. This hugely labour intensive process involves heating each component, applying hot hide glue and then clamping it to set. The benefit of this is it dries extremely thinly and crystallises in the timber, so transfers vibration far more effectively than a modern glue joint where the adhesive remains rubbery even when it dries. The final part of this incredible guitar is the Nitrocellulose finish, which is much thinner than the standard production finish, and allows for greater resonance. A custom case with bespoke embroidery completes the package. Please call us for more information!