Martin HD28

Martin's HD28 is one of the most popular Martin Guitars at Dave Mann Music. Starting with the classic D28, Martin's skilled luthiers 'Scallop' the top braces, a process where select brace material is carved away to leave a highly responsive top. If you play with a lighter touch or prefer lighter string gauges, this would make a superb choice. Naturally, it has all the Standard Series features, such as a hand polished Nitrocellulose finish, and hand fitted dovetail neck joint, both chosen for their tonal benefit. Visually, the HD28 stands apart from the regular D28 with a Herringbone top border, first seen on pre war Martin Guitars. All this makes the HD28 a fantastic all rounder, great for any style of playing. 

Customer feedback...

Incredible service, fantastic store and a guitar to die for! 

D. Colton Derbyshire