Taylor 614CE AA Quilt Maple Custom Order

The Taylor 614CE in standard specification is a really great guitar, but we couldn't leave it there! This 614CE is a custom order with a few special tweaks to make it a stand out guitar. We've chosen a hand selected piece of AA grade Tubular Quilt Maple, the premium quilt maple cut, for the back and sides, instead of the more usual flame. Visually it's really striking, it had a deep 3D rippled figure to it which is natually very beautiful, there's no stain or false colour enhancers, it's the wood! We've also changed the finish on the neck from the usual gloss to satin, for a slicker, faster feel. Combine this with a premium Sitka Spruce top, and you've got a very unique guitar. 

Sonically the Taylor 614CE has lots of high end sparkle, great clarity and a tight, well controlled bass, it sounds bell like and chimey in it's tone. There's plenty of bass, due to Bob Taylor's Grand Auditorium body shape. The Venetian cutaway and Expression System pickup make this a great guitar for live, or the home recording studio. 

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